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There are various Daily Excursions from Dalyan by either boat or road to all of the local areas. A regular dolmus service that runs to neighbouring resorts such as Fethiye and Marmaris as well as surrounding villages. In summary a unique destination full of culture, charm, history and contrasting beauty, excellent cuisine and unforgettable hospitality. A resort that you will undoubtedly return to year after year.

Dalyan daily boat trip

Dalyan Daily Boat Trip

Sailing on the river boats through the maze-like passages of Dalyan Delta will surely remind you of "The African Queen" movie which one had taken in Dalyan on 1951.
A stop-over at the magnificent Rock Tombs carved high in the cliff gives you the chance to get all the information about the resort.

Dalyan daily boat trip

Dalyan Daily Trip video

Pleasure boats pass through the Dalyan River – a nesting site for loggerhead turtles – on their way to the ruins of ancient Caunos and Iztuzu beach. And finally there is a fountain of youth: in the form of mud baths which was visited also many famous people. It is fun, it is rejuvenating and it, surely, is great chance for an unusual snapshot.

Dalyan Ekincik

Ekincik Bay is an excellent place to relax and take a break for swimming and sunbathing. You sail down the river from Dalyan to the open sea. After passing the island with the hole through it, just off Iztuzu beach, we bear right towards the impressive bay of Ekincik. In snorkellers paradise there is a cave, where you can jump into the crystal clear water and snorkel through the cave to the other side, where the boat will pick you up again. In the cave, there is lots of underwater life and fantastic coloured rock formations. Once everybody is back on board, you sail on to another smaller bay.

Dalyan Ekincik Koyu

While the captain prepares your lunch, the boat is anchored to allow you to snorkel, swim or just stay on board and relax. After lunch, move on to yet another local bay, where you can experience diverse underwater life and enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery. Later in the afternoon, back to Dalyan.

SULTANiYE Termal Spring & KOYCEGiZ Lake Trip

Sail across the lake to the delightful town of Koycegiz, with a stop for swimming en route. Around midday, you arrive in Koycegiz where you can explore the typical Turkish market and enjoy a traditional Turkish meal in one of the many small restaurants. In the early afternoon you sail to the small village of Sultaniye, famous for its hot springs, which are reputed to be a cure for many skin ailments, arthritis and rheumatic disorders.

Dalyan Sultaniye Termal Water

Dalyan Sultaniye Termal Spring video

After the hot springs, try a mud bath and you will feel how soft your skin is afterwards. From Sultaniye to Dalyan is just a short journey, so we have time to make a final stop in the lake for swimming to wash off the last of the mud.This is a great trip to take if you want to see and do a lot of different things in one day.


The Caretta Caretta turtle is a shy and private animal, which doesn't like strange noises, bright lights or being touched. In order to observe them in their natural habitat we take you out in the boat early in the morning to watch them feeding on their favourite crab and fish diet. This one-hour boat trip is a truly unforgettable wildlife experience.

Dalyan Caretta Caretta watching trip

Dalyan Caretta Watching video


One of the main occupants of the Delta are the Nile Turtles (Trionyx Triunguis) freshwater turtle. These creatures can grow up to 1.20m in length with a flattened, pancake-shaped shell covered with a thick, leathery skin, soft shell. They have a snorkel-like snout and flippers, each with 3 massive claws. They mainly feed on fish, worms, molluscs, crabs and carion. The Nile Turtle can stay up to 15 hours under water without surfacing by using their lungs as well as absorbing oxygen from the water through their skin.

Dalyan nile turtle watching trip

Dalyan Nile Turtle video


After the general safety briefing from the guides, once everybody has fastened his seat belts the safari can start. The first part is over country lanes through small Turkish villages. The area is known for its cotton fields, citrus farms and amber trees. Tour have a short break in the Amber forest you can smell the unique odour of the amber tree. Let's off road, into the mountains to the hidden spring of the Yuvarlak river. To reach the spring you have to walk a short part through the shallow fast running cold river. The spring is hidden under a huge old tree; you can see water flowing abundantly. A short ride on to the small restaurant where you will be seated on platforms build over the fast running cold river.

Dalyan Jeep Safari

Dalyan Jeep Safari video

You imagine yourself in a different world enjoying your trout or lamb kebab from the oven. After lunch the safari takes you to a different Turkey. The real heavy off road part starts now. Hold on tight and enjoy. Once again on more stable road you can enjoy the great views. On our way to the remote idyll Asi Bay we stop to have a cup of tea with a Turkish family. At Asi beach you can enjoy the beach, sea and relax or swim the dust out. The best view in the world is visible during our safari. At the end of the day we will reach the top of the Gokbel mountains and you can see the miracle of the Delta, the calbis river connecting to the Mediterranean Sea. Slowly we drive back to Dalyan and you can look back on a fantastic day out with good pictures and lots of dust and water.


In 1 hour you meet your guides and the other rafters at the raft base in the small village. At the base you can get yourself something to drink and taste the home made pastry. Once everybody has his gear, life jacket and helmet, you hop on another minibus with the rafts on top which will take you in 1,5 hour to the start point of the rafting. The minibus safari leads over dirt roads through some small Turkish villages. At the start point you get a safety briefing and then off you go on the wild running class 3-4 Dalaman river. The river starts easily so you can get used to all the comments that are being used on the river. The second part is more wild and let you experience the real rafting. During the trip are enough opportunities to jump out the raft and have a swim in the river. Some times you go on shore and have a relax swim in a freezing cold creek or you can make rock jumps. When the old bridge appears again in your sight it means end of the adventurous and exhilarating trip. At the base you can put on dry clothes and while you enjoy your late lunch you can watch the video of your rafting trip.

Dalaman Rafting

Dalyan-Dalaman River Rafting

An exhilarating day packed with adventure and adrenaline. Enjoy Grade 3+ rapids, as well as your safari up the mountain, giving you a taster of traditional village life and the magnificent scenery of this special area. A full day trip with 3-4 hours on the river, plus a barbecue meal by the riverside after the rafting. This trip runs daily from April to October

For more informations about the rafting and other alternative / outdoor facilities please visit: ALTERNATIF OUTDOOR


No other boat trip in Turkey can match the beauty of the Göcek 12-islands. In Göcek you will board the comfortable gulet. The coastline is of mountains plunging into the depths of the sea and of small, golden sandy bays. The sea is crystal clear to extreme depths. Vertigo sufferers beware! Any one view has a thousand shades of blue intermingled with sea greens and the sparkling, dazzling reflection of the sun in the rippling waves. You will stop off numerous times for dips in the sea, strolls along the sand, paddling in Cleopatra’s pool and for an amazing onboard lunch. If people have been to Dalyan six years then they have been on the Göcek 12 island trip six times. Do not miss this trip!

Dalyan-Göcek 12 Island Sailing Trip

Dalyan-12 Island Sailing Trip

Dalyan Göcek 12 island boat trip

Saklikent Gorge and Tlos Ancient City

Saklikent is translated as hidden paradise and it was discovered by a shepherd many years ago. Until the time of discovery nobody realized how mysterious and beautiful the deep canyon was. Saklikent is a 15km canyon and one of the longest in the world. Walking in the fresh invigorating water of the canyon is really fun. The smell of nature and trekking in the canyon will give you a good appetite.
After a good restaurant lunch you will be taken to one of the most important and atmospheric cities of Lycian Federation. Tlos is one of the largest settlements of Lycians who settled in the area between Caria and Pamphylia. At the ruins you will see the relics of Lycian and Roman times. The talented craftsmen of this ancient city created amazing works of arts. The amphitheatre and the Roman bath, the market place, the sarcophaguses of the king's three sons and various rock cut tombs and not least the burial place of the common people on the steep cliff face of the settlement.

Dalyan Saklikent gorge

Dalyan Saklikent Trip


Fethiye is well worth a visit. There are now many hotels and restaurants, mostly situated around the marina. Every week "Tuesdays" there is a market where most things can be found. Drive to Fethiye, you will be passing through some breathtaking mountain. Once in Fethiye, you will be taken to the market place for a chance to buy some Turkish wares. Later, lunch will be served in a famous restaurant near the deserted Greek village Kayakoy. And, your guide will tell you the interesting story relating to this old deserted Greek village. Of course for many, the highlights of this trip will be our visit to Oludeniz "Blue Lagoon" one of the most photographed scenes in Turkey. After a short break for swimming, this beautiful place concludes trip.

Dalyan Fethiye Ölüdeniz Kayaköy Gezi Turlari

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